Our company was established in 1988 as a company with the participation of Polish capital represented by: FUM-PONAR-OSTRZESZĂ“W, METALEXPORT - Warsaw, PONAR BIPRON - WARSAW and Russian capital represented by STANKOIMPORT - Moscow and ENIMS - Moscow. After the transformation of ownership it became a private company.

Using our experience in the design and manufacture of clutches, we can make select or manufacture substitute clutches for machine tools and devices of Polish, Russian, German, Austrian, Czech, Bulgarian, Romanian production.

We supply machine tools and spare parts for all their types and kinds:

  1. Mechanical Parts:
    • pull screws, gears, spindles, gears
    • mechanical lathe chucks
    • refrigerant pumps type: 3COA, 3CZ
    • oil aggregates, pumps, pumps and dispensers for central lubrication
    • motoreductors, gearboxes, electric motors
    • multiplate, single disc and control gear clutches
  2. Power hydraulics components:
    • accumulators, diaphragms, fillers
    • hydraulic motors
    • electromagnetic distributors
    • valves, flow regulators, measuring point relays and switches
    • phosphor bronze filters and hydraulic cartridges, filled and granular, magnetic
    • hydraulic pumps: vane, gear, piston, screw, radial pumps
    • hydraulic cylinders
  3. Pneumatic power components:
    • accumulators, diaphragms
    • electromagnetic or manual operated valves
    • actuators
    • filters
  4. Bearings
    • FAG, FLT, SKF, GPZ all types and sizes
    • Bearing sleeves
    • MB nuts and washers

Owner Krzysztof Wawrzycki

Fimbes - Recommended entrepreneur

We participate in the National CIRF Program. We are an innovative company implementing new technologies in order to provide services at the highest level. We settle our liabilities on time. Every year we earn certificates confirming the trust of contractors and customers.

Fair Play Certificate
Certificate New Quality of Business in Poland
Certificate The company you should trust