Type VBA-.... VBA-...S clutches constitute one of the basic elements of mechanization and automatization in machinę building industry, especially in machinę tool industry. They arę designed for coupling particular drive units in order to transmit rotational speed and torque. The clutch is operated electrically from the general electric control system of a machine or machine tool. Suppły voltage of 24 ± 1 V (d.c) is to be connected directły to the clutch terminal block. In order to protect the coil against breakdown when the current is switched off, a quenching resistor should be incorporated in the suppły system, connected in parallel to the coil. Its resistance should be 8 to 10 times morę than the resistance of the coil winding and its rating should be 2 to 10 W. Alternatively a semiconductor diode or resistor plus diode may be used.
The clutch body should be protected against rotation due to bearing resistance by immobilizing the holder. The clutch is to be lubricated and cooled with gear oil of 1.7-2.5° E viscosity at 50° C. The clutches do not require adjustment during service.

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