Type ETM - ..4 clutches are designed for remote automatic control of machine tool and other machinery drives. They find wide use automatic gear boxes, feed boxes, feed drives and also in starting devices. They ensure rapid starting of drives under load, low idling losses what affects favourably the thermal balance of a machine, protection of mechanisms against pulse overload and if correctly select and assembled - long service life and reliability.

Clutches must be lubricated/cooled with gear oil of a viscosity of 1.7 to 2.5° C at 50° C. 24 V d.c. suppły yoltage is connected directły to two-lead terminal. In order to protect the coil against breakdown when the current is switched off a suppressor should be inncorporated in the supply system in the form of a resistor of a resistance 8 to 10 times higher than the coil resistance and a rating of 2 to 10 W, connected parallel to the coil, or a semiconductor diode, or resistor and diode. The magnetic body should be secured against rotation caused by setting the not - moving part of machine tool on the diameters (OF; OG). The clutch requires no adjustment in service.

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