The accesories for each electromagnetically operated ring clutch include a brush holder and two spare brushes. The duty of the brush holder is to provide supply voltage to the clutch coil. With single ring clutches positive current terminal should be connected to the brush holder and the negatiwe terminal to clutch earth. Admissible angular non-aligment (in assembly and service) of brush holder centre line in relation to contact ring surface - max 2° C, Brush life: min. 1000 hrs.
Oil bath clutches
For operation in oil bath type EMS-2A, EMS-2A/40/60/80/100 and SV- 22 fitted with brass brush S2A-0-03 arę used.
NOTĘ: SV-22 is provided with an additional seal - may be used outside the housing (no oil leaks).
Dry clutches
For dry operation type EMS-2B. EMS-2B/40/60/80/100 fitted with carbon brush S2B-0-03. and EMS-2C brush holder fitted with S2C-0-02 carbon brush arę used.
Brush holder EMS-2C is designed for suppły of small size clutches (contact ring diameter - up to 80 mm).

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