Type ETM - ..2 clutches arę designed for remote automatic control of machinę tool and other machinery drives. They find wide use in automatic gear boxes and feed boxes, feed drives and in starting units. They ensure quick starting of drives under load, low losses at idling what affects favourably the heat balance of machine protects drives against pulse overload and if selected and assembled correctly - long service life and reliability.
The clutches must be lubricated/cooled with gear oil of a viscosity of 1.7 to 2.20° C at 50° C. Suppły voltage - 24 V d.c. The negative terminal of the source of current is to be connected to the machine body and the positive terminal - to brush holder. In order to protect the coil against breakdown when the current is switched off the supply system should be inncorporate a suppressor in the form of a resistor of a resistance 8 to 10 times higher than coil resistance and a rating of 2 to 10 W, connected in parallel to the coil, or a semiconductor diode or a resistor and diode.
Exceeding circumferential speed of the contact ring above 20 m/s should be avoided whilst at speeds above 10 m/s and additional brush holder is recommended. Clutches do not require adjustment in service. Max clutch shaft run-out - 0.02 mm. Clutch accesories: Brush holder (EMS - 2A or SV-22) + 2 spare brushes.

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